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Immature Soles


Immature Products features a sock with a gripped sole. These indoor and outdoor shoes are ideal for activities such as walking, running, and swimming. Soles are easy to slip on your baby's feet and made from breathable fabricIdeal for indoor and outdoor wear Walk, run, swim, and so much more Breathable sock and rubber sole provide traction for activities and comfort for children Lightweight, machine washable

Available in a variety of colours and sizes, including: 0-6 months (size 2/18), 6-12 months (size 4/19), size 12-18 months (size 6/20), 18-24 months (size 8/21), and 24-36 months (size 10/22)

Welcome Home Gift Set


This three piece “Welcome Home” set has two purposes. The knit hat and long sleeve bunsie will fit a newborn now and the double sided velour snuggle overalls are meant to fit for a few months. It completely snaps open like a blanket for easy dressing. The feet covers fold back for growing legs & wiggly feet. 




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Lilypadz-2 pair


•LilyPadz are a patented, innovative nursing pad made of a skin-like layer of silicone.
•The unique design of LilyPadz maintains pressure on the nipple while in place and forms a non-absorbent barrier that prevents breast milk leakage. No more inconvenient pad exchanges, and both you and your clothes stay dry!
•LilyPadz are the revolutionary alternative to traditional nursing pads combining such unique features as flexibility, breathability, invisibility, and "sticks-to-your-ability" to provide the kind of protection every expectant and nursing mother needs.
Breathable, flexible, Latex-Free, ultra-thin, non-absorbent, adhesive-free, dermatologically-tested
Bonus Organza Drawstring Pouch in each box!
Available in Regular size, Large size, a double pack, and in a Starter Kit.

Return Policy: This is a final sale item. No returns or exchanges

The Convertible Woombie


Arms open to convert to arms-free sleep when it is time. Meant for transitioning purposes. Fabric stretchy, relaxed neck line. Offers a 2way Zipper.

Weeblocks - Stud


A baby boy loves to take direct aim at you when being changed. But now you can protect yourself with Weeblock, a cup-like covering that you place between his legs at changing time. Underneath the super-soft 2-ply cotton jersey covering lies the secret weapon - a wee-wee absorbing sponge. Bright color combinations with embroidered icons give this utilitarian product a healthy dose of fun. And yes, the whole thing's machine washable.